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Naples Landlord Tenant Lawyer

Naples Landlord Tenant Lawyer

Naples landlord tenant lawyer Brantley Oakey has experience with various types of landlord/tenant disputes and is ready to serve you. If you need a landlord tenant lawyer, give us a call today at 239-963-2897 or fill out our webform.

Examples of Services | Naples Landlord Tenant Lawyer

You’ll find below just a few of the kinds of disputes we can handle:

  • evictions
  • eviction defense
  • claim for unpaid rent
  • claim for damage to property
  • breach of lease agreement
  • claim for failure to return security deposit
  • failure to maintain the property in a habitable condition



In our experience, approximately half of all eviction complaints are defective. What does this mean? If you file a defective eviction or you allow a property manager to file on your behalf, the complaint can be dismissed and you’re stuck with a judgment against you for attorney fees. Don’t make the mistake of believing you can DIY your way through an eviction. We’ve seen an eviction defense attorney win a judgment for $15k in attorney fees because of a faulty eviction. Have it done right; get an attorney.


If you’ve had an eviction filed against you, call us NOW. Let us tell you your options and explain the process to you. Most importantly, let us review the complaint. We find that a lot of eviction complaints are defective, which means we can get them dismissed, allowing you another opportunity to move out, catch up on your rent, avoid eviction costs and attorney fees, etc. In some cases, we’ll even take your case on a contingency basis, meaning that you won’t pay us anything. If we win the case, the landlord will have to pay your attorney costs. So, if you live in Naples, Estero, Marco Island, Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, or Lehigh Acres, and you’ve received an eviction summons and complaint, call us today.

Basic Consultation

If you need general advice, call us at 239-963-2897. 20 minute phone consultations are offered for $50. Payment is required up front before you begin discussing your concerns with an attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions in Naples Landlord/Tenant Law

My Naples tenant told me to just use the security deposit for the last month’s rent. Is this right?

No. The security deposit is to provide you security against damage to the property. The tenant should pay the rent and the deposit should remain as a deposit.

How long does my landlord have to return the deposit?

In Florida, the law is as follows:

  • If the landlord does not intend to impose a claim upon the security deposit, he/she must return your deposit within fifteen (15) days or,
  • Within thirty (30) days, he/she must give the tenant written notice of how much of the deposit will be kept and why. This must be done by certified mail, to the tenant’s last known mailing address.
  • If this notice is not sent as required within the thirty (30) day period, the landlord forfeits his/her right to impose a claim upon the deposit.

However, if the tenant failed to provide notice that he/she was moving out, then the landlord will not be held to these time constraints.

If you need a Naples landlord tenant lawyer, call us today at 239-963-2897 or fill out the form below. We look forward to serving you.

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