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How to Remove a Review from (or at least make it invisible)

In 2013, a business client presented me with a challenge. He had a disgruntled employee that was defaming his company online at He had two goals for us to accomplish: 1) get the ex-employee to stop defaming his company by suing him and 2) get the negative, defamatory reviews removed from He warned us up-front that never removes the negative reviews.

After some research and finding that there was no legal means to compel to remove the reviews, we decided to try and do an end-run around by getting a court order to remove the content and presenting this court order to Google to de-index the web pages that contain the reviews. What this means is that the pages would still be online, but no one would find them by searching on Google. This satisfied our client.

The lawsuit took some time, but in the end, we got the court order, ordering the defendant to remove the content. We forwarded this to Google, and they kindly complied by de-indexing the defamatory pages.  If you have a customer or employee who has left a negative review online, give us a call. We can help get the review taken down or made invisible (de-indexed).

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