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Naples, Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

Naples Criminal Defense Attorney

Naples, Florida is a beautiful place to live; it’s a rough place to be a charged with a crime. Unlike many of the Florida cities with larger populations, prosecutors in Naples still have a relatively small workload, and tend to be stricter. If you’ve been charged with any state felony or misdemeanor and need a Naples criminal defense attorney, call us today at 239-963-2897. Naples criminal defense attorney Brantley Oakey can help you through your criminal case.

While there are some legal matters you might consider handling yourself, criminal defense should not be one of them. In the American justice system, it is expected that you will have zealous representation by a competent, criminal defense attorney.

What Cases Do You Handle?

We handle both misdemeanors and felony cases and handle all types of charges from criminal traffic to felony cases with the exception of capital cases.

What Will You Do For Me?

  1. First, Attorney Brantley Oakey will review the arrest report and speak with you about your case.
  2. Our office will then file a number of documents demanding discovery, notifying the prosecutor to communicate with us, and entering a plea of not guilty.
  3. We’ll look at your bond and consider filing a motion to reduce it.
  4. Attorney Brantley Oakey will show up for all your court hearings.
  5. Next, for misdemeanors, we’ll consider a motion to suppress or other key motions depending on the facts.
  6. For felony cases, we’ll start scheduling depositions with key witnesses and requesting important evidentiary documents.
  7. Attorney Brantley Oakey will begin negotiations with the prosecutor.
  8. Attorney Brantley Oakey will meet with you regularly to keep you updated on the progress of the case.
  9. We’ll begin preparing defenses for trial. While most cases settle, we believe the best settlements are reached when the prosecutor sees the defense attorney is ready and willing to take the case to trial.
  10. If necessary, attorney Oakey will go to trial for you.

How Effective are You?

So far, for the year 2014, attorney Brantley Oakey has had 79% of the cases he’s handled dismissed outright. Several were dropped on the morning of the trial. While we can’t promise a certain outcome, we can promise we’ll give you attention and our best efforts. Call us now for a consultation.

Naples Criminal Defense Attorney | An Overview of a Criminal Case

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Collier or Lee County, you can expect the following procedure.

First Appearance Hearing: The first hearing you will have is the first appearance hearing. This hearing will occur within 24 hours of your arrest. The purpose of this hearing is 1) for the judge to find probable cause for your arrest and 2) for the judge to set the conditions of your release.

Probable cause means that it is more likely than not that you committed the crime charged. When a judge finds probable cause, he or she is saying that the police had probable cause (had a basis for believing it more likely than not that you committed the crime) for the arrest. A Naples criminal defense attorney can challenge probable cause as well as advocate for the best possible conditions for release. The sooner you contact a Naples criminal defense attorney the better.

Arraignment: The second hearing you’ll have is arraignment. An arraignment is the process of calling you before a criminal judge to formally have the charges read to you. At this time, you’ll enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.

A Naples criminal defense attorney can help you either 1) negotiate the best possible agreement with the prosecutor or 2) enter a plea of not guilty and work on building evidence in the hopes of getting a better offer later or taking your case to trial.

Pre-Trial: The next stage of the process is vital and having a Naples criminal defense attorney is important. A Naples criminal defense attorney wil make sure the prosecutor turns over all the evidence the State has against you. From there, a Naples criminal defense attorney can challenge the evidence by filing motions to suppress or move to dismiss the whole case. The more engaged the Naples criminal defense attorney is, the more likely the prosecutor will be to make a deal. Most cases are resolved in the pre-trial phase.

Trial: Finally, if the case is not resolved during the pre-trial phase, then it will go to trial. Again, having a Naples criminal defense attorney is crucial. Attorneys are trained in the rules of procedure and evidence and can help you make the best presentation possible.

Naples Criminal Defense Attorney | Other Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Criminal Defense Cost?

It will depend on the facts of your case, the charge, and ultimately whether it requires a trial or not. The initial consultation is free, and we’ll provide you with a greater understanding of the fees required for a Naples criminal defense attorney at that time.

If I retain you, will I have to go to the court hearings?

Once you retain us to handle your Naples criminal defense matter or Ft. Myers matter, you can skip most hearings.

Can I pay you in installments?

Yes. We will do our best do work out a payment plan that will fit your needs.

How Do I Hire You?

Give us a call at 239-963-2897 or send us a message here. A Naples criminal defense attorney will contact you and set up a consultation.


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