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Business Services

Small Business Lawyer Naples FL | List of Services

The following are some of the services that we provide. If you’re looking for a small business lawyer Naples FL, give us a call today.

New Entity Formation | Price Will Vary

When it comes to starting a new business there is much more involved than forming a new entity. There are countless ways that a business entity can fail, leaving the owner responsible for business liabilities and debts. If you retain us to plan your business, we’ll form the entity, draft the proper operating agreement/bylaws, and instruct you how to maintain the corporate veil, protecting you from creditors and business liability

Registered Agent Service/Annual Report Filing | $400/yr

We can also act as the registered agent for your new business and file your annual report with the Florida Division of Corporations, leaving you free to run your business, knowing that your ongoing paperwork with the state is filed properly and timely.

Service Contract Drafting & Review | Price Will Vary

Businesses lose profits and open themselves to litigation due to poor contracts (or a failure to have a contract at all in some cases). Others use inadequate employment contracts that again opens the business to liability and allows employees to become competitors. We can draft service or employment contracts that are customized to your business and designed to protect your business and hard-earned profits.

Business Practice Review | Price Will Vary

Things as simple as your hiring practices can open your business to costly litigation and immense liability. ¬†We can evaluate your hiring practices, fleet policies, business property, etc., to make sure you’re business is operating in way that will keep you out of the courtroom.

Corporate Counsel for a Day | $500/day

Hire us to be your corporate counsel for a day and save money. We’ll come to your business location and put in a full day, reviewing your business practices and contracts so you can rest easy knowing you’re not headed for any legal pitfalls. This is great option for small businesses.

If you are looking for a small business lawyer Naples FL to provide these or similar services, call us today. The initial consultation is free. The number is 239-963-2897.

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