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The Florida Bar requires us to warn any potential clients not to expect the same results as other clients have had. Each case is different, and outcomes vary with each client.

Client Testimonials

“Mr. Oakey was very instrumental and helpful to recover funds from a tenant who voluntarily vacated the house. His patience allowed us to resolve the issue without going to court thus reducing expenses further. I would certainly recommend his professional services to others.”

Tony Z.

Excellent! Highly Recommended!

I contacted Brantley after discovering him on Avvo, when he correctly answered a legal question that I had asked. I have a legal education myself from many years ago; however, I never practiced law, choosing first law enforcement, and then business, instead. Even though I know a fair amount, I have always used attorneys for business matters to be on the safe-side.

My wife and I met with Brantley in Naples and found him to be a nice fellow and good listener. We decided to hire him to take care of the many details related to the planning and setup of a new business which involved some complicating factors. He did all the research, registration, and preparation of formal documents that we needed. He did a great job, and I appreciated his regular updates to me by email as he worked. I also liked that he responded to all of my emailed questions promptly everytime.

In addition to the above reasons, I prefer him over other attorneys that I have used in the past because he started working on my project immediately and completed it without delay. I also especially liked his attention to detail. The documents that he completed were error-free, which I have found is not always the case from other attorneys!

Overall, a great experience, and we will utilize Brantley again! Highly recommended!

Keith M.

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