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Who Pays the Bills of my Deceased Loved One?

Naples Probate Attorney | Who Pays the Bills?

A commonly-asked question regarding probate is what should I do with the bills while I wait for probate? Should I pay them? Should I let them pile up?

The answer to this question is that the deceased is responsible for the bills and the estate should pay the bills. No one else is legally responsible for the debts. Now, if you want to pay the electric bill and so forth to keep the power on, the personal representative of the estate should go ahead and do so. Otherwise, no debts should be paid until you get to that point in the probate process.

This is not to say that you should ignore the bills. The personal representative should get the death certificate as soon as possible and then contact every creditor to let them know of the death. Many will require the personal representative to fax the death certificate to them. This should end the bills. The creditors will file with the probate court the amount owed to them. Once all the creditors have been notified and all the assets have been rounded up, then the creditors will be paid.

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