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Reader Question Illustrates the Need for Estate Planning

I recently was posed the following question:

My step father recently passed. I have been caring for him for 22 years. He does not have any other living children. As a step daughter the policy states i have to be blood relative. there is no will. When I went to the court house to put in papers to get appointed they said I cant because I am a step daughter. How do i apply to be an executor as a step daughter in florida?


Unfortunately for this person, there is nothing she can do. Her father failed to name her as a beneficiary on his insurance policy. Likewise, he failed to draft a will, naming her as an heir. As a result, she will not inherit any part of his estate because Florida does not define “child” to include stepchildren.

The moral of the story is hire an estate planning attorney and make sure that the people you want to inherit your estate will inherit your estate. Don’t leave it to Florida intestate laws.

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