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Welcome to the Law Office of Brantley Oakey. Mr. Oakey is a highly-rated attorney who specializes in probate, probate litigation, civil litigation, and estate planning. Mr. Oakey also provides corporate services and serves as general counsel to a number of corporations in Southwest Florida. To learn more about Mr. Oakey, click here. More specifically, these are the kinds of cases Mr. Oakey handles.


Personal Injury

Trust Litigation

Debt Collection/ Collection Defense

Naples Civil Litigation Attorney

Medical/Dental Malpractice

Sunshine Law Violations

Nursing Home Negligence

Construction Defects

HOA Disputes

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Experienced Naples attorney specializing in probate and probate litigation, handling formal and summary probate administration, will contests, and more.


If you’re looking for a Naples Probate Attorney, chances are that you have had a loved one recently pass, and you are trying to navigate the probate process. What is probate?

Probate Litigation

Probate litigation in Florida involves legal disputes that arise during the probate process.

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Based on 8 reviews
maria alcantar
maria alcantar
7. January, 2022
THE BEST ATTORNEY IN NAPLES FLORIDA! I have had my share of experiences with many attorneys but this attorney is the BEST I HAVE EVER HAD! Always calls me back... emails text and the best part he resolves very quick. Im so so thankful and pleased. Thank you!
25. February, 2020
Brantley was straight forward, professional, and his service was extremely valuable. I had an unusual family situation and he took a huge weight off my shoulders. Thank you.
Frank Martin
Frank Martin
26. April, 2019
Brantley represented my interest in a divorce settlement. He is a true professional...he's calm, knowledgeable, and logical in his approach to family law. Amazing! His rates are fair and his work is succinct and efficient so his billing time reflects these efficiencies as well. You get money's worth and then some. I wasted thousands of dollars on a high profile attorney he did nothing but dance back and forth with another attorney with meaningless emails. He gets it done. He was finally able to get my ex wife to come to the negotiating table and hammer out a divorce agreement. I highly recommend Brantley Oakey for all your family law needs. Simply stated: he's the best!!!
cody k
cody k
20. June, 2017
Brantley was awesome to work with, and a great attorney. He broke complicated Legal matters down in a way someone who never studied Law could understand. He followed through with my case perfectly until I ended up moving away and the defendants asked me to drop it. I would recommend him for any legal matter
Eduardo Rivera
Eduardo Rivera
3. August, 2016
I have retained The Law Office of Brantley Oakey for several legal matters and have had excellent results each time. They are fast, efficient, and responsive. Best of all, they get things done. You'll be glad you hired them.
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott
10. February, 2015
I have worked with Brantley professionally for a long time. He has helped my company and I with legal documents, contracts, HR questions, collections, and more. He is very knowledgeable, responsive, and above all else, charges a very reasonable fee. I highly recommend the Law Office of Brantley Oakey for any legal needs.
Gloria Lambert
Gloria Lambert
12. March, 2014
Mr.Bradley Oakey is such a caring,wonderful, loyal, and very well committed lawyer and individual. He understands his clients rights and will go all the way into providing great service, and has so much potential as a lawyer, That I would recommend him truly. I couldn't really express all my gratitude with a simple email or review I believe he deserves much more. GOD BLESS Mr.Oakey for being so GREAT! I declare in the name of Jesus growth, prosperity in your life, work place and that ever case you receive will be won and successful AMNE> THANK YOU AGAIN YOU"RE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

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